Study Plan & Student Resources

I teach two routes when approaching guitar lessons.

Option One.
A tailor made study plan working at your own pace with no deadlines.

It’s generally built on a six week period that covers six topics. On your free introductory lesson I evaluate what you know and don’t know and to what point you would like to get yourself to. Over the course we will study; riffs, chords, rhythm, notes, scales, your own selected songs, genres and much more. The aim being to continuously test and train your skills on the guitar. There are no formal exams, but I will be testing you on what we have studied each week.

We’ll be keeping everything you are given compiled in a folder (which I provide when you begin lessons) so you can review and practice what you have been learning at anytime.

Option Two.
Rockschool grades for the Electric, Acoustic or Bass guitar up to and including grade six. These are professional courses with an exam at the end of each grade.

A grade will last for life just like a martial arts belt.
Each grade consists of six pieces of music and several technical exercises.
We’ll work on everything that is included in the book with me providing step-by-step instructions on what to do. I also include sessions along the way working on particular songs you’d like to play and anything I think is relevant to your learning. This is to segment the experience so it’s not all course based.

I’m proud to say that my clients have a 100% pass rate for their exams!

Ultimately both routes are made to be very interesting, fun and hopefully it’ll provide the opportunity for you to be really passionate and enthusiastic about playing the guitar.

All of this will be explained in further detail when you come for your free introductory lesson!


Students looking to brush up on your music theory, check out my digital flashcards on Brainscape. These are sectioned into levels. It’s worth re-visiting previous levels even if you’ve moved up, as all this theory always has a role to play so you won’t want to forget anything.

Click HERE (or the title) to get to the flashcards. Let me know if you have any questions!