Am I too old to learn the guitar?

Absolutely not! You’re never too old to learn. I have clients in their 80s currently playing and thoroughly enjoying their tuition. Don’t worry if you think you’ll be a little slow, everybody works at a different pace no matter their age. I have plenty of patience and I’ll work to your own comfortable speed.


Is my child too young to learn the guitar?

This is completely dependant on the individual child. Generally I only take children from the age of 6 and up, however I’m willing to attempt a lesson with a younger student. Often I find children at this age have a very short attention span that simply isn’t strong enough to concentrate for a full 30 minute lesson, however I have found cases in the past where a younger child has been very eager and therefore has been able to learn. If you think your child may be capable, bring them to a free taster lesson and we’ll find out.


How much are the lessons and where are you based?

Current lesson prices and locations are provided on the Information page.


Why do I still pay if you are on holiday?

Because the lesson prices don’t include my 6 weeks holiday.
Here is a breakdown of the full calculations:

Adults = £50 Per month.
£50 x 12 months = £600 per year.
£600 ÷ 46 weeks = £13.04
Adults cost per lesson £13.04.

Children and Students = £40 Per month.
£40 x 12 months = £480 per year.
£480 ÷ 46 weeks = £10.43
Child/Student cost per lesson £10.43.

This price completely excludes my 6 weeks holiday (two for Christmas, two for Easter and two for Summer). Please bare in mind that some months you will have 5 lessons instead of 4, so everything evens out.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me online, by phone or in lesson and I’ll answer in greater detail.


I can’t afford those prices. Can I still take lessons?

If you feel that the prices are too high because you’re on benefits or perhaps you simply don’t earn enough, just speak with me about it. I’m flexible and willing to negotiate.


You have a non-refundable payment scheme. Please can you explain this further?

This is a scheme, standard with many music teachers. Payments are due in advance and will not be refunded unless it’s an exceptional circumstance.
If you have a holiday booked or an event planned in advance then just make me aware, and then you may reduce your monthly payment by that lesson’s fee. This is your responsibility to control. Do not adjust the fee without first making me aware or that particular lesson will be payable.

An exceptional circumstance is considered:
– An emergency that you are involved in, or that you must attend.
– An unexpected loss in the family or of close relation.
– The loss of a family pet.
– An injury which presents you from playing your instrument.
– A vehicle breakdown whilst on your journey to your lesson.

These are NOT considered exceptional circumstances:
– Forgetting to attend your lesson.
– Minor sickness / illness.
– Being stuck in traffic.
– A spontaneous holiday.
– An event such as a music gig, sports match, cinema viewing etc, unless I’ve been made aware and it’s been arranged well in advance.

I’m always happy to attempt re-scheduling you to another slot in the event of something minor and unexpected, providing it’s within the space of one week. If there are no slots available however, then that particular lesson will be forfeit. Please understand that I’m running a business and this is my livelihood. If I were to provide refunds every time a client forgot their lesson, it wouldn’t be a reliable career option.

If you have any more questions regarding this scheme, please don’t hesitate to ask.


I want to learn both the Acoustic and Electric guitar, can I do this?

Absolutely! I often get asked which is my favourite and I always answer with both! It’s like comparing a harp to a violin. Each instrument can be unique, using very different techniques and producing completely different sounds. If you’d like to have a go at both, I’d highly recommend it. The beginner levels are completely transferable between each instrument, then they begin to differ from the moderate levels and above.


Which type of guitar should I begin with?

If you only want to stick with one guitar for the time being, consider the type of music you would like to play. The electric guitar becomes very Rock and Blues orientated, with powerful solos and epic power chords. The acoustic guitar becomes relaxed with indie and pop style songs, using many open chord rhythm and finger picking techniques. You could also delve into a nylon style guitar for that spanish or classical twist or you could push your skills to the lower pitch of music with the bass guitar. Whatever you decide, each has unique and incredibly fun elements.


How does your curriculum work?

My curriculum has been fully tried and tested, with numerous changes over the years. It’s all personally created, with many hours of study and perfecting. It works by taking each instrument through 4 beginner levels, 8 moderate levels, 12 intermediate levels and 16 advanced levels. Each level typically takes 6 weeks to complete, though may take more or less depending on your learning pace and how much you practice. You’ll receive a certificate at the end of each level (unless requested otherwise) and the scheme fits alongside professional grades. This means if you get to an Intermediate level, you could instantly begin at grade 4 or 5 if you decide to switch to a professionally examined syllabus. All in all they’re designed to be very fun and help thoroughly push your skills.


Can I take lessons together with my son/daughter/spouse/other?

Yes! I offer a discount for joint lessons. Providing you’re both at the same level, you’d get 20 minutes together for your level criteria, then 20 minutes each for a song of choice giving you even better value as you’d be gaining 40 minutes each! If you’re at two different levels then the lesson would be split to 30 minutes each, but you’d still get the joint discounted rate.


Do you have more questions? Please feel free to email me and ask! Anything I can help with, I’d be happy to do so.

Thanks for your time! Tony.