Tony’s new White van!

I’m now a man with a van and a man with a van is a man with a plan!
~ try saying that FAST ~ Lol πŸ˜€

I’ve recently replaced my car for a van, giving me an easier time transporting equipment, cheaper travel and all that kejazz! It also means I can advertise as I drive… and that’s just what I’ve done today! Thanks to the people that helped me out! It’s really appreciated πŸ˜€

Take a peek! Tell me what you think πŸ™‚

Kangoo (1)Kangoo (2)Kangoo (3)


Joe B & Clapton!

Two more new tasters for lessons this week! πŸ™‚
Only 5 evening spots left available on my timetable! If you’d like some awesome guitar lessons in the evening, book a slot now before they’re all gone!

In other news, I’ve been creaming over this video recently. Joe Bonamassa has been one of my favourite guitarists for some time now and naturally Clapton has always been a huge influence too. Check out this video at the Albert Hall with both legends jamming it out! πŸ˜€

New Timetable!

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend πŸ™‚
I’ve just updated and added my full timetable to the website. It’s pictured below, but it’ll always be available on the Timetable page and always current.

Please bookmark it if you’re a current client! Thanks.

Check the page if ever you need to see my available slots, to change or cancel a re-occuring session or to book a free taster lesson.

Timetable JPG

Modified Guitar!

So recently I’ve taken one of my favourite guitars (a simple Rockwood Strat) and customized it to my liking.

First off I ditched all the strings and took the faceplate off the guitar. I then made any adjustments to the neck and the head that I wanted, before attaching a lovely new deep blue faceplate. Unfortunetly I found that even though the faceplate was the correct size, I needed to drill in some new screw holes since some were out of place ~ugh~
Thankfully it fit quite snug afterwards, so no worries there! I’ve replaced the strings and added a whammy bar with a multicolour strap since.
The whole process took me about an hour.

Now it plays very well and sounds lovely πŸ˜€
Rockwood Guitar

Intro Post.

Welcome to the blog section of my site!

After taking onboard some good advice, I’ve decided to open up a blog.
I’ll be posting anything and everything I find relevant or interesting to my clients and any curious bloggers, as well as videos of myself performing! If you’ve got any requests, feel free to get in touch and ask. I’m happy to have a go at most things, though I won’t be posting a great deal of my specific course material, since it’ll leave me nothing left to teach! ~laughs~
Please leave comments, like, share or simply follow me!
It’ll keep me motivated to continue πŸ˜€ Thanks!

So I’ll start with one of my favourite and greatest inspirations in the guitar industry.
His name… is Joe Satriani!

This guy is one of the main reasons I picked up the guitar. Songs like Satch Boogie and Motorcycle Driver really push the boundaries of what a guitar can do and they have so much feeling! Words can’t describe how much I love these songs and this artist. He still blows my mind after a good decade of listening.