Awesome Points & Rewards

Welcome to Tony’s Tuition points & rewards! This system has been designed to give students (aged 18 and below) something cool to look forward to for all the hard work they put in to playing and practicing their instrument (as well as becoming awesome on their instrument!).

This system rewards students with; sweets & chocolates, gift cards, video games & mini consoles, guitar foot pedals, amplifiers and even new guitars!

Here’s how the points system works:

  • 1 Point for practicing per day (minimum of 5 minutes, must be signed off by an adult)
  • 1 Point for completing a level challenge or goal
  • 1 Point for moving up a spot on the ‘Game of Chords’ scoreboard
  • 2 Points for completing a full level (as well as the certificate)
  • 10 Points for completing a full stage (Beginner, Moderate, Intermediate or Advanced)
  • 10 Points for sending in a video performing their full ‘Song of Choice’
  • 50 Points for performing at a Student Showcase
  • 200 Points for referring a friend (these points are given when your friend completes the sign-up process, and your friend will also start with 200 points too!)

Ultimately, this is made to be a fun system that gets kids and teenagers motivated to work hard and attain some great results on their instrument.

Keep up the good work and reap the rewards!

Click Here for the current Tally and Rewards Information

Terms & Conditions

The information outlined here explains the terms & conditions for students enrolled on the points & rewards systems.

A). Students must be currently taking lessons or enrolled (with lessons briefly on-hold) to receive points. Students enrolled but not currently receiving lessons can NOT gain points by practicing or achieving goals. They can however still earn points by playing the ‘Game of Chords’ (explained below), sending in a video performance or by referring a friend.

B). To earn points by practicing, students (or parents/guardians) must write out what they have practiced (a minimum of 5 minutes practice a day) in their practice log (downloaded above) and have this signed off to be awarded the points. This can also be filled in digitally and emailed to me at Points can only be gained once per day by practicing.

C). Points for achieving goals, completing level challenges, completing full levels or passing large stages (Beginner, Intermediate, Moderate or Advanced) can only be awarded by the tutor during lessons.

D). Points gained by moving up a position on the Game of Chords (found here) can be added by reaching a higher score with their tutor during lessons OR by sending in a video of them playing the game. Chords must be clean and accurate to count.

E). Points awarded for performing their ‘Song of Choice’ should be sent in via email to This Song of Choice needs to be one practiced within lessons (or of their current ability level), and this can be done once per month. These videos will be showcased on the Facebook page at to show how awesome they are!

F). Points achieved for performing at a Student Showcase must be an event hosted by Tony’s Tuition or M&M Academy.

G). Points awarded for referring a friend will be given when the friend completes the sign-up process. The friend will also be awarded with 200 points.