Quick message to everyone!

It seems my phone isn’t bringing in many text messages at the moment.
Please could I ask any clients or friends and family to either call me directly or voicemail/email/facebook me for the time being until it gets fixed. I’ll be in touch with Vodafone tomorrow and I’ll post an update as soon as it’s working properly again.



Isn’t this lovely? :D

I had a sweet surprise last week. One of my students drew me a picture!
It’s of her, practising with her pink guitar πŸ™‚
Now she just needs to put that effort into actually practising! Hahaha ~
It’s certainly the type of small perk that makes my job worthwhile πŸ˜€


In other news, my home studio is in the process of being re-vamped! I’ve had a new 7-guitar stand in, things have been moved around providing more space, my keyboard is once again set up for use and I’ve refurbed my old Novation synthesizer (something I can use with my guitar/music making programs). Next week I’m going to be having sound proofing foam pads installed too. I’m super chuffed! Hopefully it’ll feel much more like an actual studio now for my clients πŸ™‚ Pictures will be uploaded once it’s finished!

Frog Leap Studios & Web

Hey guys! Totally re-vamped my site today. I decided I wanted to make it a tad more elegant. I’ve added a couple new testimonials too, thank you for all the support!

Alongside that, I’ve been re-working my entire study curriculum, as well as plenty of practice on the guitar (yes, teachers still practice too! ~smiles~). I also visited a couple of music stores today to try out some nice 7-string guitars. They seem to be all the rage right now and I have to say I can totally see why! I may need to invest in a nice new Ibanez or Quincy at some point.

Quincy 7 String

Finally on top of that, thanks to a friend last month I was introduced to Frog Leap Studios. Have you heard of FLS? Go check out the Youtube Channel! This guy creates some excellent metal covers of… well pretty much anything. He also gets his adorable little daughter to join in during some songs. Inspirational parenting or what?! πŸ˜€
Here’s an ace example:

Leo has literally done hundreds of videos!

…and that’s all for tonight. Keep rocking guys πŸ˜€

New slots available!

Well it’s been a great ride and today I bring news.

I have new slots available on Monday and Thursday!
Midlands Rockstart Bootcamp is on a break, though I may not be returning due to filling out the time with new clients.

Should any of the clients from previous camps or the management team need my assistance in the future, feel free to contact me and I’ll help in anyway I can!

I’d like to say a huge thank you to Jack and Caren for all the help and assistance you’ve both provided me. You guys really helped pave my future!

Current clients, if you spot any new and more accessible timeslots then you are more than welcome to grab them whilst they are available. If you know anybody else looking for guitar lessons, please do pass on my details. Thanks!

~ Tony


Guitar Painting vs EU

Well, tensions are extremely high today. I can honestly say I’ve had enough of hearing from both sides of the vote. Everyone has a right to their own opinion and therefore should NOT be so venomous and insulting towards others for expressing theirs.

Meanwhile, during all the flaming wars that have been spiraling on Facebook and media, I’ve been happily listening to Linkin Park and painting one of my favourite guitars!

This is a little classical acoustic given to me by my wonderful sister Lina πŸ˜€
Take a look at my artwork! I can paint straight lines and everything! ~laughs



Busy Day!

The title says it all! I’ve not stopped today… and that’s great! πŸ˜€

Today has been one of the busiest days I’ve ever had with clients. My evening has literally been a continuous stream of people! Most of my weekday evenings seem to be getting like this now and I’m so thrilled to have plenty of happy regulars.
It makes my job even more enjoyable and it’s already great fun!

I’ve also spent any spare time I’ve had on yet another new guitar of mine! I went through most of the same steps as the previous two and below is the finished product πŸ™‚


Ibanez RG Maintenance

Over the past week I’ve spent a good chunk of time servicing my favourite 13 year old guitar. This was the first expensive guitar I ever had and over the years it’s seen huge amounts of playing, practicing and performing. In all that time, it’s actually had very little maintenance other than string changing and dust cleaning. So I decided it’s about time I fed it some good TLC!

Here’s a run down of what I did, with pictures to follow:

  • Removed the strings.
  • Took the body apart; removed bridge, took out ALL rusty screws (including neck screws), removed volume/tone controls and pick-up selecter.
  • Used electrical connections spray on the inside electronics (specifically the control wipers), this was to remove the ‘scratching’ sound the controls made when turning them.
  • Left the screws and metal components with rust in a container with malt vinegar for several hours. This was to remove the rust. Then sprayed them with WD-40 to prevent further rusting.
  • Polished the neck and frets, removed dust from wherever it lay.
  • Then began the painting. Gloss black project enamel was used to slowly apply at least three layers of paint to each area with body chips.
  • Once dry, replaced all components and attached a fresh set of strings.
  • Ta-da! Looks and sounds lovely πŸ™‚
  • (PS. not every step was pictured).

Tony’s new White van!

I’m now a man with a van and a man with a van is a man with a plan!
~ try saying that FAST ~ Lol πŸ˜€

I’ve recently replaced my car for a van, giving me an easier time transporting equipment, cheaper travel and all that kejazz! It also means I can advertise as I drive… and that’s just what I’ve done today! Thanks to the people that helped me out! It’s really appreciated πŸ˜€

Take a peek! Tell me what you think πŸ™‚

Kangoo (1)Kangoo (2)Kangoo (3)

Joe B & Clapton!

Two more new tasters for lessons this week! πŸ™‚
Only 5 evening spots left available on my timetable! If you’d like some awesome guitar lessons in the evening, book a slot now before they’re all gone!

In other news, I’ve been creaming over this video recently. Joe Bonamassa has been one of my favourite guitarists for some time now and naturally Clapton has always been a huge influence too. Check out this video at the Albert Hall with both legends jamming it out! πŸ˜€

New Timetable!

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend πŸ™‚
I’ve just updated and added my full timetable to the website. It’s pictured below, but it’ll always be available on the Timetable page and always current.

Please bookmark it if you’re a current client! Thanks.

Check the page if ever you need to see my available slots, to change or cancel a re-occuring session or to book a free taster lesson.

Timetable JPG