Tick Tock!

Hi guys!
I’m soon to be back up and running with Tony’s Tuition, just a few days left now.
I hope you’ve all had a lovely holiday (for those of you that’ve been off!).

My time has been spent moving house, organising and cleaning, though it’s been a lot of fun getting comfortable in my new home. I’m really looking forward to having our house warming events now! ~Woohoo~

I’ve uploaded the latest timetable. It now contains first names so if you’re a client, you can see exactly where your booked slot is and what else is available. Please let me know if you want your name removed, I’ve only included first names to keep things confidential.

I’ll be handing out new business cards and flyers next week.
Let me know if you’d like any of those for yourself or to pass around.

Clients due for Derby, my new address is; 379 Stenson Road, Derby, DE23 1HE.

Can’t wait to begin the new season!
I’m looking forward to being back and seeing you all again soon 😀


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