Performance, Updates & Queries

Hi guys! I have a couple of quick statements and queries.
First off, does anybody know of any good, reputable accountants within Derbyshire / Nottinghamshire? I’d like to be able to meet with them face to face to discuss my business details, tax, expenses, etc.
Next, would anyone recommend any good card readers / companies to go for? I’ve checked out my bank (lloyds), Paypal and World Pay, but their rates seem rather high. Chip n Pin Solutions or Square seem to be pretty good. Any other suggestions?
Next, a note for my clients (and useful information for those of you that don’t know). Legal tender is rapidly changing. The old £5 notes will no longer be accepted anywhere after the 5th May. The old £1 coins are also being withdrawn on October 15th. That means that anyone paying cash-in-hand will need to be paying with new tender after the deadlines. Hence my decision to also begin accepting card payments.
New slots have become available! Anybody looking for guitar lessons that couldn’t make it beforehand, take another look as there may now be an available slot. It’d be a pleasure to have you along and don’t forget that the first lesson is free!
Finally, thank you to those of you who have recently given me a new testimonial for 2017. They’re now live over on my Testimonials page.
Cheers everyone! 🙂

PS. Me and DK performed with Chris Woods and his Guitar Revolution on Friday.
Take a look!

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