Top Ten Electric Guitars!

With the new VRS100 now added to my collection, my partner asked me; “why don’t you make a wish list of all the major guitars that you want? That way you won’t end up with dozens of random guitars and people will know where to look for gift ideas”.
In other words… she doesn’t want a guitar museum for a house! ~chuckles~

So without further ado, here’s a personal list of what I think (and want) are the top ten electric guitars!

> Ordered as affordable to expensive. Price figures are approximate <

10. Bad Cat Unicorn Custom Purple Les Paul £260

Yes yes, a Les Paul shape is bound to make the list at some point. Ironically it’s the cheapest guitar out of this selection too. Personally I do really enjoy the feel, tone and look of a good Les Paul, but I’ve never been a fan of many of the colour schemes (including the Gibson Les Paul Peace, it’s meh). That was until I found this epic Bad Cat version! I absolutely love the Deep Purple colour with gold components. It just works! Hence, it made the list.

9. Dean Razorback Dimebag Floyd – Lightning £300 – £600

Honestly this one just struck a chord with it’s appearance. I’m sure many of you know that Dimebag was pretty legendary. For those of you that don’t, go check out some videos! This guitar makes me wanna’ dig in to some meaty riffs and heavy solos. The lightning graphic work rocks and it’s complete with a special Floyd Rose ready for some crazy tremolo effects!

8. Fender Stratocaster – Blue Dragon £400 – £700

What a gorgeous guitar! I’ve used many different strats over the years, but I’ve never had a proper Fender Stratocaster. Whilst some out there are very appealing, none stood out as much as this limited edition Blue Dragon! Unfortunately it’s been discontinued, but it’s still loitering around on eBay for a few hundred quid. Hopefully in the years to come, I’ll be able to snap one up.
Epic Dragon! What more needs to be said?

7. Dillion Cherry Burst Telecaster £450

As some of you may know, many moons ago I was in a Ska band for a couple of years. I absolutely thrived on playing cracking tunes by the likes of Madness, The Specials, The Beat and so on. Now I did all this on my Ibanez RG, but when I think about how Ska sounds, I always think of a Telecaster! It’s trebly tone works wonders with those drop-2 Ska chords. This particular Telecaster by Dillion isn’t too expensive and I totally love the glistening Sunburst design it’s got going on. Exquisite!

6. Gretsch Hollowbody – Georgia Green £700 – £800

When I think of a hollowbody guitar, I don’t think of a Gibson or Fender like many others. Yes they have their places, but I personally think Gretsch comes out on top in this particular area. This specific model caught my eye with it’s lush mint green colour and excellently presented components. They feel great to play on (especially so with finger-picking and jazz chords), so this one hits all the right checkboxes for me and has become a must have for my collection!

5. Gibson SG Standard (Refinished Orange) £800

I must hold my hands up here and say that I haven’t actualy played on an SG before. I did however work alongside a friend at college with a Red Standard SG. They’ve always intrigued me and I remember it sounding pretty nifty and smooth whenever the chap got into playing his rhythm guitar. I’d love to have one for some handy chord work and this particular model refinished in orange looks great!

4. Ibanez RG IF7 – Fan Fret £800

Now this bad boy had me surprised! I visited my local music store just to browse and came across my first fan-fret. Needless to say it puzzled me and made me very curious. I asked to have a go fully expecting it to be difficult due to it’s unusual fret type, but to my astonishment I found it extremely easy! I soon realised that the fan shape naturally aligns with the way your fingers want to work. I found my fingers quickly moving all over the fretboard, whilst thoroughly enjoying myself. I love the design and I think Ibanez have done an excellent job with this model. I’ve always loved the RG series anyway, so this guitar immediately became another must have!

3. Ibanez Prestige RG (2680) – Deep Red £1,150

As previously mentioned, I’ve always loved the Ibanez RG range. I have my own jet-black standard model that I’ve used for around 14 years. They feel smooth, fluent and I really enjoy the smaller frets making them easy to play comfortably whilst reaching awesome high-end notes. The Prestige series is one of the most popular (though it’s often also expensive) and I can understand why. They’ve earned themselves a great name and from my experience, I think that’s rightfully so. This particular red model looks stunning and if I had the cash to part with, I’d definitely indulge in this awesome addition.

2. B.C Rich – White Ghost Draco £1,200

Whilst B.C Rich have made some fantastic models like the Warlock or the Beast, I’ve always wanted to find myself an awesome Flying V. I honestly don’t think they’re very practical, but they look extremely good and I’d love to hit the stage with one of these in hand. This is the limited edition White Ghost Draco. It looks beastly, it sounds awesome, it’s unique and it’s makes me wanna’ rock! Check out some videos on Youtube to see what I mean.

1. Aristides 070 – Purple £2,000


Finally we’ve hit the Ferrari of guitars! Though this list has been in order of price range, this guitar would still be my number one had I ordered them as favourites. I’ve admired this model for some time now. The guys making the Aristides series are pure genius! They make absolutely fantastic guitars… it’s that simple!
They’re very expensive, but each guitar is custom made to your order. Oh and get this, they don’t have a shred of wood on them! They use Richlite, a compressed material making for a solid structure with awesome stability. The only things moving are your hands and the strings! The sound is incredible and I truly think that Aristides is up there with some of the greatest guitar makes around. They have an excellent future ahead and hopefully one day… a purchase from me! 😀

Don’t believe me? Check out this cool demo below. It doesn’t show the full extent of it’s capabilities, but it still sounds amazing!

There’s also a bucket load of great reviews on Youtube, as well as many fantastic players having fun with Aristides.

…and there you have it. I hope you have enjoyed looking through the types of guitars I love as much as I’ve enjoyed posting about them. If you’re a player looking to buy a new guitar, perhaps it’s even been educational.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely week ahead everyone!

~ Tony

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