Today is a proud day!

Today is an excellent day for Tony’s Tuition! After just over one year of being active as a private guitar teacher, I’ve just hit the personal target I set myself. I’ve gained 30 clients! …but not only that, I actually have another 3 tasters due this and next week, so actually I’ve smashed right through that target! To say I’m thrilled is an understatement 😀

So… I decided to get myself a little reward for hitting that goal.
Say hello to my beautiful new Vintage VRS 100!

I’ve been jamming along to some blues, jazz and rock tunes already and she sounds fantastic! You should come and have a listen… and whilst you’re at it book a free taster lesson ; )  ~chuckles~

My new target is of course 40, then I’m not sure if I’ll go above that just yet. Gotta’ be careful not to go too crazy xD That means I only have 7 slots in total remaining!

My new guitar reminds me very much of the guitar Santana likes to use on a regular basis. Check out his epic solo (2:10) in this Nickelback tune I’ve been jamming to recently…

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