Isn’t this lovely? :D

I had a sweet surprise last week. One of my students drew me a picture!
It’s of her, practising with her pink guitar 🙂
Now she just needs to put that effort into actually practising! Hahaha ~
It’s certainly the type of small perk that makes my job worthwhile 😀


In other news, my home studio is in the process of being re-vamped! I’ve had a new 7-guitar stand in, things have been moved around providing more space, my keyboard is once again set up for use and I’ve refurbed my old Novation synthesizer (something I can use with my guitar/music making programs). Next week I’m going to be having sound proofing foam pads installed too. I’m super chuffed! Hopefully it’ll feel much more like an actual studio now for my clients 🙂 Pictures will be uploaded once it’s finished!

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