Frog Leap Studios & Web

Hey guys! Totally re-vamped my site today. I decided I wanted to make it a tad more elegant. I’ve added a couple new testimonials too, thank you for all the support!

Alongside that, I’ve been re-working my entire study curriculum, as well as plenty of practice on the guitar (yes, teachers still practice too! ~smiles~). I also visited a couple of music stores today to try out some nice 7-string guitars. They seem to be all the rage right now and I have to say I can totally see why! I may need to invest in a nice new Ibanez or Quincy at some point.

Quincy 7 String

Finally on top of that, thanks to a friend last month I was introduced to Frog Leap Studios. Have you heard of FLS? Go check out the Youtube Channel! This guy creates some excellent metal covers of… well pretty much anything. He also gets his adorable little daughter to join in during some songs. Inspirational parenting or what?! 😀
Here’s an ace example:

Leo has literally done hundreds of videos!

…and that’s all for tonight. Keep rocking guys 😀

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