Ibanez RG Maintenance

Over the past week I’ve spent a good chunk of time servicing my favourite 13 year old guitar. This was the first expensive guitar I ever had and over the years it’s seen huge amounts of playing, practicing and performing. In all that time, it’s actually had very little maintenance other than string changing and dust cleaning. So I decided it’s about time I fed it some good TLC!

Here’s a run down of what I did, with pictures to follow:

  • Removed the strings.
  • Took the body apart; removed bridge, took out ALL rusty screws (including neck screws), removed volume/tone controls and pick-up selecter.
  • Used electrical connections spray on the inside electronics (specifically the control wipers), this was to remove the ‘scratching’ sound the controls made when turning them.
  • Left the screws and metal components with rust in a container with malt vinegar for several hours. This was to remove the rust. Then sprayed them with WD-40 to prevent further rusting.
  • Polished the neck and frets, removed dust from wherever it lay.
  • Then began the painting. Gloss black project enamel was used to slowly apply at least three layers of paint to each area with body chips.
  • Once dry, replaced all components and attached a fresh set of strings.
  • Ta-da! Looks and sounds lovely 🙂
  • (PS. not every step was pictured).

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