Intro Post.

Welcome to the blog section of my site!

After taking onboard some good advice, I’ve decided to open up a blog.
I’ll be posting anything and everything I find relevant or interesting to my clients and any curious bloggers, as well as videos of myself performing! If you’ve got any requests, feel free to get in touch and ask. I’m happy to have a go at most things, though I won’t be posting a great deal of my specific course material, since it’ll leave me nothing left to teach! ~laughs~
Please leave comments, like, share or simply follow me!
It’ll keep me motivated to continue 😀 Thanks!

So I’ll start with one of my favourite and greatest inspirations in the guitar industry.
His name… is Joe Satriani!

This guy is one of the main reasons I picked up the guitar. Songs like Satch Boogie and Motorcycle Driver really push the boundaries of what a guitar can do and they have so much feeling! Words can’t describe how much I love these songs and this artist. He still blows my mind after a good decade of listening.

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